Frequently Asked Questions


What is a PocketPetPouch Subscription?

A Pocket Pet Pouch Subscription is a monthly delivery of our PocketPetPouch and/or the best toys and treats for your hedgehog or other small pet! We design and manufacture our own PocketPetPouch in our sewing studio. PocketPetPouch is an ongoing subscription service.

How much do boxes cost?/How does the subscription work?

We offer two different subscription plans.

The Pocket Pet Pouch Monthly Hedgehog Box Subscription Plan starts at $29.95 (excl. shipping & applicable taxes/customs fees). You will receive the subscription for the following month from your purchase. Boxes ship in the first week of the month. Once you pay for a subscription, you will be billed immediately and then again monthly on the 11th (+/- 3 days) of the next month for the following month’s box.
Six (6) month subscription plans are paid in one lump sum of $175.00 (excl. shipping & applicable taxes/customs fees). You will receive six months of boxes, which will begin the month following your initial payment. You will be billed for another six months on our auto-renewal system at the end of the six-month subscription on the 11th (+/- 3 days) the final month of your subscription duration.

If you cancel during the billing period, the standard process will mean you will get the next box (or remaining boxes), with cancellation occurring after that.

Can I order Just the Pouch?

Yes! Our plan for Just The Pouch starts at only $15 a month.  Terms & Conditions apply.

Can I order just once?

You may! Simply check off the gift option at checkout. Gift subscriptions do not renew. You can also cancel right after ordering to receive just one shipment. 

What is inside each Pocket Pet Pouch Monthly Hedgehog Box?

Each Package contains 1 PocketPetPouch and 2-3 hedgehog related products. 

What is a PocketPetPouch?

  • A PocketPetPouch is a pouch designed for your pet to snuggle, sleep, or play in. 
  • Each PocketPetPouch is 12 Inches long and 10 Inches wide. 
  • It has a Cotton fabric Shell and Anti-Pill Fleece/Poly fabric Lining. 
  • The PocketPetPouch is first strait-stitched together by a poly/cotton thread and then re-sewn with an over-lock machine that binds the pieces together with 4 interlocked poly/cotton threads.

What are the PocketPetPouch care instructions?

The PocketPetPouch can be machine washed in cool water and tumble dried on low. If you decide to “hang to dry”, we recommend turning the lining out to speed up drying time.

How long should my PocketPetPouch Last?

It really depends on daily wear and tear but one PocketPetPouch should last about 3-4 washes.

Will the PocketPetPouch be suitable for my hedgie?

We recommend our Pocket Pet Pouch for all hedgies and small pets under 700 grams. If you or your pet are unsatisfied- we offer a return policy.

Are the products inside the Pocket Pet Pouch Monthly Hedgehog Box Subscription safe for my hedgie?

We do extensive research on all products and our own two hedgehogs- Lola & Twiggy have the final huff of all products. We still must insist that any products should only be exposed to your own pet under your better judgement and supervision. 

How much does Shipping cost?

We ship for free within the USA! 

International shipping varies based on your location and will be calculated at the time of checkout.
Please note that shipping internationally is unavoidably costly. International customs charges may also be applied when the product is delivered, so please bear that in mind when ordering. Subscribers are responsible for customs and/or additional fees.

When is my order shipped?

All orders made prior to the first of each month will be shipped on the first week of each month. For example, if you ordered or renewed in October, you will receive your package in November. 

How can I track my shipment?

You will receive tracking information via email at the time of shipment! You can also track your shipments in the “my account” area!

What is your Cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime prior to shipment by contacting us through Unopened boxes will be fully refunded after returned to our facility. Email us for a return label. You will still recieve your last box unless you contact us for a refund.

What currency am I billed in?

All prices are US Dollars

How does the 14-day Pocket Pet Pouch Guarantee work?

This Guarantee is for US subscribers only. If your shipment arrives and if any items are damaged, we will replace them after you provide us with a picture for proof. Pouches must be returned before we send out a replacement. Please contact us at for a pre-paid/free return label.

I want you to present one of my products in your Subscription box, how do I apply?

Email us at and we will send you an application.