Meet Miss Lola and Twiggy, our resident Pocket Pet Pouch Quality Assurance Supervisors …

Twiggy is an adventurer who loves to find new toys to play with, while Miss Lola prefers the finer things in life and is an expert in the tastiest treats. Together they inspired the Pocket Pet Pouches subscription service, which brings together their favourite products in a monthly subscription service enclosed in a cozy poly-cotton and fleece pouch perfect for sleeping or snuggling. 

Of course Lola and Twiggy do sometimes need a human hand to put together the best subscription boxes, which is where Jess and Vinny come in. Jess is a professional tailor and seamstress while Vinny is a private criminal investigator as well as providing customer service and the all-important mealworm sourcing. Together they’ve been together for six years and have rehomed over 20 hedgehogs throughout Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. 

Every Pocket Pet Pouch package is lovingly curated by Jess and Vinny, and carefully approved by Miss Lola and Twiggy. We love creating each new parcel and we are sure your quilled companion will love them too. If you have any questions at all, we would love to answer any and all of them. Contact us at or follow us on Instagram & Facebook.