The Pocket Pet Pouch Subscription Box 

A monthly box of products designed to enhance your hedgehog's snuggle & play time.

How It Works

1. Subscribe

Customize your subscription plan. Starting at $25  Choose 1 month or half a year! Shipping is Included.

2. We get to work.

We custom sew each PocketPetPouch in our studio and gather up a set of unique products that we believe your hedgehog will enjoy. 

3. Burrow In!

We pack it all together and send it off starting on the 4th of February, 2019. Your hedgie receives a fresh new pouch to snuggle in & gifts to investigate.

What's inside the Box?

A Pocket Pet Pouch Subscription is a $25 monthly delivery of our PocketPetPouch and 3 captivating toys and treats for you & your spiky friend! 

Each PocketPetPouch is designed and manufactured in our own sewing studio to fit the surprise monthly theme. 

14 Day Guarantee


a special something for their Birthday Month!

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